Thursday, October 15, 2015

The St Mary's wine and dine at SWG, pune

We were meeting after a little over 15 years, and realised that even though so much had changed, we were still the same in so many ways. St Mary's alumni met once more and just like the last times "meet and greet"this time to the event had a lyrical name "wine and dine". much was the same like the last meet (read about it HERE ) and yet much was different. For starters, the name of the alumni has changed from the previous "Old girls association" to a more encompassing "St mary's alumni association" keeping in mind that in the 150 years the school has branched out into what would have been an "Old boy's association" as well.

This time the event was at Stone water grill, Pune.

Free flowing wines curtesy Fratelli, platters upon platters of sumptuous starters, friendly service, some retro music, and a cooking class as well, made for a lively afternoon of wining and dining.

apple mocktails the ideal thirst quenchers

time to raise a glass to St Mary's

indo japanese fusion food. loved the individual plating

mushroom galouti kababs, melt in your mouth inventiveness

the live counter dishing out Pastas to order

Platters upon platters of food was passed around. we had seared prawns, and pizzas with exotic veggies, a grilled chicken pizza, mushrooms, liver pate, and unlimited wines and mocktails. 

the organisers, did a splendid job of bringing the decades of students together.

the allumni were seen in eye catching jewellery, and soothing summer colours 
some fun with props

sweet and sinful end to a fabulously curated meal

the school colours of blue and white was still the hot favourite, just like the last event.

We congratulated each othe ron how well we young moms had kept the ravages of age at bay, and I am sure that's what all the young grandmoms as well as a few great grand mothers amongst the alumni were saying to each other.

Chef Shailendra held an interesting cooking session. he made a Miso soup with apples and figs.

Here is the recipe in brief: Saute garlic, ginger and galangal in equal portions. Add chopped lemongrass and a birds eye chilli for Thai inspired flavours. Add Miso paste for Japanese inspired umami flavour. Add vegetable broth and deglaze. to balance the spice from the chilli and the heat of the ginger and the salty Miso, add natural sweetness form apples and figs. Diced apples and figs were then added for good measure.finish with a healthy amount of coconut milk. The dish was plated up to look lipsmackingly good.
How did it taste? well like a Thai tum kha version with chunks of crunchy apples!
Chef Shailendra is immensely talented and introduced fruits in a healthy soup, a neat way of getting your kids to have fruits i say.

The miso and apple soup. chef shailendra

dont we look fab

Drinking to the schools long life :)

And thus, another great event came to an end. There is a fashion show next at Poona club. until then I am going to savour the memories of the wine and dine with good food and friends, at stone water grill.

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