Monday, May 23, 2016

goa on my plate : Hyatt place

The first sunday of May is celebrated as international mother’s day, and yet, we wish it was celebrated more often, like say every day! Hyatt Place the smart new hotel which is part of the Hyatt series of hotels, and yet caters for the more penny wise thrifty traveller, in Candolim , has decided to celebrate mothers day every Sunday of May. Every Sunday, they have a lunch spread, which is free for the mother when accompanied by her children, the children ofcourse have to pay for their meals. This is one ‘happy meal’ for the mother, because not only is she not doing the cooking, but she is also eating for free.

Ambience:Hyatt place has opened barely 3 months back and has a very modern layout of an open dining experience, twisted iron mannequins and artifacts which give the place a new age sophistication. A small pool, an adjacent gym, and plenty of greenery allow for a laid back Sunday afternoon, as well as one packed with fun.

Food: The spread is modest. The variety, though underwhelming in it’s variety, is still prepared with thought and care. A robust north indian daal, soft fluffy tandoori rotis made to order, and ours was ordered to drip in butter. A selection of starters which are served on the table, as well as value for money drink options. The hyatt place hopes to fill the gap between the Lux traveller, and the low budget hotels, a comfortable living , value for money experience3, and this thought process filters down to their kitchen as well. so where you might not see opulence in terms of crabs and prawns on the menu, one does find tasty dishes using local sea food, as well as chicken.
They even have a mango extravaganza going on with the chefs experimenting with mango in different dessert options. We tried the mango mousse with a pistachio base, the mousse though airy and melts in the mouth, the pistachio base could have been thinner and less dense. The dessert options were a delight, simply because I have a sweet tooth, and there were indian options as well as European desserts, and icecreams.
To finish off the meal, we had the entire range of Tetley teas to choose from, as well as coffee in any form we chose. Perfect for an all day diner.
So, things we loved were the out of the box interiors , as well as the exteriors of this place. Vertical gardens and a larger than life wrought iron man sitting on the terrace sets you up for greater expectations. We also love the value for money experience of the Hyatt place, there are only for of the ‘hyatt place’ hotels in India, and we are happy that one of them is here in Goa. Honestly, I would not want my valued readers to make the journey across the state of Goa to come down here for the food, but if you happen to be in the calangute candolim party stretch, then this is a great all day dining experience, you may want to catch. They have buffets for dinner, a fairly extensive ala carte all day, and if you come by on a Sunday in May, your mom eats for free, and if you are the mom, here’s a meal you can treat yourself to.

Ambience: 4 plates
Food: 3.5 plates

Service: 4 plates

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