Thursday, July 21, 2016

M day celebrations at Marriott Goa

Gratitude is a powerful process for shifting your energy and bringing more of what you want into your life. Be grateful for what you have, and you will attract more good things.
Rhonda Bryne in the bestselling book ‘the SECRET’
The Marriott group of hotels took a page out of Rhonda’s book and decided to celebrate 17 years of Marriotts world wide, across 32 of it’s properties in India. They decided to celebrate whate they called M day, and just like in the secret they decided to thank their patrons, clients ,guests and associates who have helped build the Marriott brand in hope to gain “more” of the same. They did this by interacting in innovative ways with their clients and customers, and each property celebrated it in their own special way across the country.
Now the Goa Marriott resort and spa is just astone’s throw away from my home, infact we share the same beach, the Miramar beach. Which happenes to be the most popular beach in Panjim city. Even though I spend most sun rises and sunsets on the Miramar beach, my association with the Marriott hotel has not been a close one.

Thus, I was both pleasantly surprised as well as touched by the thoughtfulness that they invited me to be part of their M day celebrations.
The evening started of with a round of amazing ‘smoked’ cocktails. smoking your ingredients is the new wave in F and B and it has been taken to new heights on food shows such as ‘masterchef Australia, and I loved the smoky drinks which were passed around.
Next came a spirited round of quizzing. Each table was assigned a name and were quizzed about the history , geography and absolutely every subject related to the Marriott properties. Teams chose quirky names based on  Goa nd the M day, we wewere the ‘m’ en. And it didn’t help that I was the only female in the ‘m’ en group.
The Newly appointed resort manager, who was obviously not from Goa, won over the local crowd in true Kejriwal style, by speaking a few lines in Konkani. He even used the word Konkani instead of the misguided ‘goanese’ used by many from out of the state, and it showed his sense of hospitality to try and understand the culture and the language of the place.
There were plenty of live food counters, and to be fair on the chefs maning these counters it can be daunting to be serving a group of ravenous customers at almost 11 at night, but they did their best. And in the spirit of it all it was quite an enjoyable evening where one came away learning so much about the ‘marriott india story’ .
The whole endeavour was to build closer bonds, and help bridge the gap between their cherished patrons, so as to make new forays into the world of hospitality.
It was the first time that I met the wonderful people from the resort, and I am quite looking forward to the exciting things that we can achieve together in terms on bringing great hospitality to Goans and tourists visiting Goa.


find fun pictures of the event on my instagram page @kuhelib

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