Monday, September 26, 2016

The day we met Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian, and ET

We were in Times Square, yes that big ostentatious, overly lit, overly crowded, and some might say overly hyped place in possibly the whole planet, but I was loving it. On our stay in new york, we visited Times square almost every night, especially if it waqs a late day at work, we just decided to meet in times square directly from work, and then we would figure out dinner plans. Right from work to dinner, well yes, the Sephora store On tomes square is where I freshened up my makeup with all the try me make up products. And it wasn't just me, every New york woman had had the exact same brilliant idea, and the shop attendees didn't mind one bit. 

Coming back to the Times square, so as I said we used to meet at times square, and as previously mentioned it was overtly crowded. thus we set a meeting place, the H and M building. for one this place has a huge sign board , you can't miss it, it's easy to see three blocks down as well, for another it has free wifi, and the third -clothes and the perennial sales at H and M.

That moment in H and M , when I go hey I have that Shirt!! and yes, I click a picture with a clothes hanger. :D

One of the first stops on Times square was at the Ben and Jerry's icecream store. don't mind that it was stilll winter and as from above picture you can see I was wooled up suitably, but I had heard that bollywood song "paune barah baje..." the mignight tryst with Ben and Jerry's , and I wanted my fan girl moment. They had some really funky flavours, I opted for the tonight Dough starring Jimmy Fallon, which had two flavours of cookie dough, a chcoclate chipa nd a peanut butter variety. loved it!

two scoops of icecream , while I shivered even in my woollies.

To get away from the cold, we used to try and find interesting things to do in and around Times square, and there are no dearth of such places. one of the most fun was the Madame Tussaud's, a super tip is to get the 10 dollars off coupons the man is distributing right outside madame Tussaud's, it really works! another tip, befriend a couple/family, whose pictures you are willing to take and who will take yours as well, otherwise you are left with no couple pictures.

Kimmy and me.

Charlie chaplin just can't figure out what's so funny!

Riding off with ET .

selfie with future Madam President (hopeful)
 The following two pictures I am just going to hash tag 'debate night'. in honour of the presidential debates that are going on presently in the USA, as well as the multiple debates Pawan my husband and I have, on almost every single topic, every single night :D

I met the Man and the icecream on the same day, this happens only in America, and more specifically only on Times Square.

Hey Jimmy, did you know I just ate an icecream named the tonight dough? 

Reliving his boxing days.

Fan boy moment
 We were in the Big Apple, and nothing says touristy like eating at applebees. we had their much recommended Tacos, they are far from the original, with their pre fried taco shells, but really tasty. It's amazing the number of combo meals America has to offer, and up-sizing your meals. we see it Macdonald's in India, but here they have taken upscaling to a whole new level.

loaded with cheese, and deep fried tacos, don't be fooled by the little bits of carrot sticking out, this starter is a must must have at applebees.

in school we studied permutation and combinations, i mentally tried to calculate how many, unique combinations we could try on our multiple visits to applebees, with their 2 for $36 plan. we never did return to eat in another applebees, we didn't repeat any food eateries in our entire month's stay. so stay tuned for more food and travel stories from New york.

mashed potatoes, steak and brocolli, yes, the picture could have been better taken. But believe it or not I got selfconscious taking food pics .

 Oh and a foot note: I really do have that shirt from H and M, bought locally in India no less. this picture is from my trip to dominican republic read more about it here

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