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5 reasons to visit Devaaya Ayurveda and Nature cure centre in Goa

The new year had me pondering on the tide of time. While I am a firm believer that life is not about how many breaths you take, but how many moments that take your breath away, I also understand the need to value the life we have.

In keeping with my new year resolution to, honour the passing of time, as well as realising that I am not getting any younger, I began my quest to lead a life of wellnees. within the confines of my daily responsibilities.

It began with my previous post on Siwa spa, and continues with Devaaya ayurveda center.

while I am an allopathy doctor, I appreciate that ayurveda can help in helping prevent so many problems of our modern lives. while the whole world travels to india, to avail of its healing powers, we Indians need to appreciate what is available in our own backyards.

watch the video we made at devaaya

Here are 5 reasons why I would highly recommend a stay at Devaaya ayurveda centre.

1.       It is situated on Divar island. : An Island in the middle of a river , situated just 10 kilometers from the capital city of Panjim, and yet in a cocoon of calm all its own. The people of Divar have famously refused a bridge to be built to the island, to prevent too many people on their island, and for good reason. Once on the island, I spot the large tree in the middle of a farm land, the place many a Bollywood movie has been shot. Think finding fanny. In fact even on my way back from Devaaya, a moviw was being shot under the self same tree, ow converted into a whole village scene. Experience the quaint village life , on your evening walks on the island, during your stay at Devaaya.

the treatment huts, Devaaya

2.       Realise who you are inside and out. Ayurveda means the study or knowledge of life. And while each of our definitions of what life is differs. Ayurveda defines life as sharira (body) indriya (senses) salva (mind) and atma (soul) . at Devaaya, we had panchakarma or 5 actions which help detox the body, senses, mind and soul. Dr Mahesh at the Devaaya center explained the 5 elements that make our body , such as air, space, fire, water, and earth and how the combination of these is the sum total of our internal mental makeup as well as our bodily functions.

3.       A holistic approach to health. One thing is for sure Devaaya ayurvedic center is not a party or a vacation. It is a commitment you make to yourself. And everything at the resort is channelled towards holistic healing. We started the morning at 6:30 with yoga asanas, suryanamaskars, breathing exercises or pranayama, laughter exercises, games to strengthen the mind and body connections, then 8 :30 is a wholesome and VPK balanced ayurvedic breakfast everything is vegetarian, for the entire stay at the resort. Rest of the morning is spent undergoing treatments and massages at the center, all prescribed by the ayurvedic doctors. Fruits and lunch are also served as per the schedule. An advanced yoga session and a meditation session in the evening helps to round off the day as well as balance the mind and body. Dinner is served early at 7 to 8:30 and the center believes in an “early to bed, early to rise.” principle.

4.       A home away from home: While we just spent a weekend at the resort, it is highly recommended to stay the entire 7 to 14 days. As the ayurvedic doctor explained to me , an eye surgeon, during my surgeries we have a preoperative, operative and post operative course of treatment, Ayurveda too has a pre treatment session which last 3 to 4 days, followed by the panchakarma treatment to balance your doshas, and the post treatment restorative phase. That means you meet the same people for 14 days, people from around the world.in my short time there I interacted with a young , very fit couple who have been coming to Devaaya for 5 years in a row!And as one of the other guests mentioned ,” we westerners might not be as commited tour marriages and our relationships, but we are commited to self care.” He was hinting at a lady who used to earlier come with her husband, but even though they are now divorced, she continues her relationship with Yoga and Ayurveda.

5.       Add days to your lives, as well as life to your days : Go back home with new knowledge and skills which will not only help in leading a more balanced and healthier life, but also add value to the life of your family. A lady from Finland, on her very first trip to India, had spent 20 days at the resort, and she spoke highly of the place. “ It’s minus 30 celsius n Finland, and we last saw the sun in November, we are a completely nonvegetarian family back home, but I am impressed by the food here. I went and bought some spices from the panjim market, and with the help odf the cooking classes at Devaaya , I hope to cook these meals in Finland as well.” health and wellbeing should not be restricted to a few days in the year. Learn life skills such as Surya namaskar, meditation techniques, VPK balanced ayurvedic food, and pranayama at the center as well.

I think health and wellness travel is making a huge mark on travel plans of people , and for good reason. Travel to gain new insights, not just of the world around you, but also of the world within you. 
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