Thursday, January 5, 2017

Spalicious Siwa Spa in Goa

It was the first Monday of the new year. This year new year's eve was strategically on a Saturday, and that meant extended revelries stretching into a Grand brunch on Sunday , and merriment for two whole days.

That meant bringing in the work year in on a Monday.

Luckily for me, I had something to kick start my new year resolutions of health, wellness, and making time for myself , with one visit to the spa.

Nestled in the by lanes of Miramar, in the lane going towards Goa Marriott, is a tiny piece of Thailand complete with a restaurant and a spa, by a husband and wife duo. Thai n wok restaurant
and siwa salon and spa are just the kind of Thai experience that was needed to bring in the new year.

The spa itself is on the first floor of the Siwa salon and spa, with the salon on the ground floor.
I was ushered into one of the six treatment rooms. they have a couple of lounge sofas for foot massage and reflexology, as well couple therapy rooms as well. The place is done up with paintings on wood panels, very much like many of the spas we had visited on a holidays to Bangkok , Phuket and Pattaya.

The therapy: A luxurious 90 minute therapy of whole body massage with aromatic oils, followed by a facial using medicinal herbs from Thailand , followed by a rejuvenating body scrub.
The aromatic oils work in tandem with the kneading motions of the masseuse to hydrate the skin, eliminate toxins and improve skin tone and texture.
As the muted music, and the centuries old healing techniques lull you into a feeling of bliss and well being, let your mind wander.

The facial is the next step in this intensive rejuvenation routine. Again the days of sun bathing in Goa, as well as the nights of makeup during the party season, leaves the skin parched and in need of intense hydration. The use of luxurious products as well as rhythmic massage, and pressure on the marma pressure points leads to release of pent up toxins and better lymphatic flow.

The last and final phase of the therapy is an invigorating scrub, which helps exfoliate the dead skin, and symbolically shedding the old and bringing in the new, also after a relaxing massage, the final step, energizes and leaves you with a sense of exuberance.

The attached washrooms, allow to have a quick shower and shampoo before heading out into the world with focus and intention.

The holiday season of christmas and new year in Goa, though very enjoyable, can be very taxing on the biorhythm. the many nights of wakefulness, can distrupt the sleep-wake cycle, leaving the body hungover, and the mind unbalanced.

Irritation, mood swings, depression and withdrawn from social interactions are just a few of the side effects of Late night new year revelleries, and that is no way to start a year.

While detoxing with warm lemon water and green tea, is a quick fix, for an extended and much more intensive recovery, I would highly recommend a day at the spa.i

The Siwa spa was a spantastic way to begin the year, and I hope you have a year of health and well being ahead.

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