Friday, August 18, 2017

11 Goan bloggers you need to read to get to know Goa better

Goa may be the smallest state of India , but in terms of diversity it is HUGE. Goa has always been facinating to the tourist and traveller; for a long time people have used the word 'Goanese' not knowing how else to address a Goan, and then what do the Goans eat? surely Goanese food. and what about the Langusge they speak? must be Goanese. 
Guess what guys, Goa is not China, where the people , language, and food , all are Chinese. 
Surprise! there is nothing called Goanese, the people are Goans, they speak Konkani, and they eat just about anything that is tasty, but have distinctive konkan hindu and catholic dishes. 

As the tag line of my blog says that this blog is where I try and understand a place through the food, and the people (who love, eat, cook, and share this food), and one of the new best ways to get to know a place is through it's bloggers. 

From the young college going fashion bloggers, to the more experienced world travellers, to those who have lived their entire life in Goa, to those who are originally Goan but now live in different cities, and even those who have made Goa their home only in recent years, this blog celebrates the diversity of Goa and Goan Bloggers. I have chosen key posts from each of these bloggers to highlight the best and most diverse of the blogs to give you a sneak peak into the mind of a Goan. It is part of my series called "Being Goanese". 

Burgers and brownies. 

Blog belonging to Nyeree Viegas and Marlon Moraes deals with food , lifestyle, product reviews and the search for the ultimate Burgers and brownies in town. Their blog says that they arent’t food critics, or food content writers, but food lovers, and I think that means their heart is in the right place. Interesting post on a Shawarma stall owner, who started out as a helper at a shawarma place in Lebanon, and working his way to the top, with ultimately returning to Goa to set shop is the kind of local stories you can read HERE

The Hungry wolf 

Born and brought up in UAE, and living in Goa since 2009. His blog states “This won’t be your traditional food blog, there’ll be fancy food (sometimes as I cannot save money for more than a day *Queue background laughing*) and there’ll be simple, less commercial/mainstream food because man, you get the tastiest food in the most simple of places.  Food is a passion for me, there’s so much out there that people don’t know about. Good food deserves good people like you and I’m the middle man…”  true to the soil , blogs celebrating local favourites like the “burger king of Saligao” Augustino Dsouza serving up chicken Cafreal on a food truck is the kind of post you can read . HERE

A food, and fashion blogger flexcia’s page says “I love 'good' food. I love tea (not chai). I love chocolate. I eat my dessert before my food, because I believe in the adage 'life is too short, so eat dessert first.' I love clothes, but I am lazy af to dress up. I am more of a clothes hoarder, than clothes wearer. I love shoes too. So my wardrobe is pretty much full with clothes and shoes I do not wear – unless I am clicking some pictures for Instagram or the blog! “.  A humorous take on the kind of questions that a Goan gets asked by the majority of Indians who are both fascinated and amused by Goa can be read HERE

Chai and Lipstick

I actually don’t know much about this sister duo, but it’s interesting to see a fashion blog by goans and have loved their sao joao floral look you can read about HERE
as well as a resort wear blog in Goas northern most and one of the oldest forts turned resort Fort Tiracol. HERE


Anuradha Goyal is a travelling nomad who has decided to call Goa her home and happy place, and when she is not travelling around the globe it is interesting to get an outside-in view of Goa. Whether it is the mud festival of chikal kalo HERE  or the saraswat temple trail of Goa HERE she has you covered.

A Silva spoon

Fernando Monte da Silva is a true blue Goan, with his family having lived here continuously for the past 450 years. Along with being an editor at a leading Goan newspaper , he dabbles in blogging and you can look forward to uber-local posts with his characteristic sense of tongue in cheek humour , like a cutlet pao Gaddo in Benaulim  HERE


Nolan Mascarenhas, is far from being a nobody, especially in the culinary scene in Goa, with a stellar lineage, in the fact that his grandfather was a celebrated chef in The TajMahal Mumbai, and his mother is known as the culinary queen of Goa. He freelances with a number of publications and his blog provides an insight into his ‘simple living high thinking , or the other way round’ lifestyle read his round up of Goan restaurants in the premier food magazine upper crust HERE

Sanaa Khatib / That Goan Diaries

Again, someone I do not know personally but was happy to come across her blog. For one she seems pretty young, in the sense maybe in college, and the other that this is a personal blog which allows us a look into how the young Goan mind thinks. I loved her recent blog where she talks of how her school/college is asking students to pay a fine for absentism/ long nails/laughing in class etc, rather than a slap on the wrist , they are earning money read all about it  HERE

The Nyeree Diaries

A Goan fashion blog is always fun, for one they showcase a more tropical fun vibe, and Nyeree does a good job of staying true to her Goan roots, as well as exploring panindia styles so on one hand she shares what she would wear to a pool party in the monsoon of Goa HEREor going gaga over Dillis very own Sarojini Nagar going Online  HERE

That Goan Girl

A Goan girl,Jade, who actually lives in Mumbai, but travels ever so often back home and has all the restaurants in the city covered /reviewed during her short and snappy trips to the state. what does it feel like being a Goan, in her twenties, a catholic and living with no parental guidance and YET not drinking alcohol! find out on her blog HERE

which brings us to the 11 th blogger and that's me. The Foodietrails

If this is your first visit to my blog, you might not know, that I am an eye surgeon, that I have stayed in half a dozen Indian states because my dad was in the army, and that I came to Goa, through my all India post graduate entrance and since then met and married a Goan. The rest is history. I have seen Goa as a college student, and a tourist, and then as someone who is a professional working the the state. I hate it when people call Goa a city, its not! It is a state. Read about the best times to visit Goa and surprisingly it is not christmas or New Year HERE

I hope you had fun reading the blog and visiting the sites of the other Goan bloggers as well.
I know the list seems a bit skewed towards food bloggers, but Hey it is called the foodie-trails, also I am on the look out for environmental and political blogs from goa, and will keep you guys updated.

Stay happy, stay susegaad, stay Goanese. :)


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