Monday, August 28, 2017

rajasthan food festival at Park Hyatt Goa

Rajasthan is a place one can visit time and agian, and so , when the chance arose to revisit some of Rajasthans classics, at the Indian restaurant of Park Hyatt, Goa , we were delighted to oblige.

Here is a picture gallery of all that we ate and drank.

we had a large exotic thali /plate , with exotic dishes from rajasthan. And while the festival is more of an ala carte menu, we got a samling of all their choicest, so as to help you better make a choice. My pick, the Laal maans and the Pulao. mutton curry rice done well, is the most satisfying meal.

The restaurant manager, regaled us with stories from his previous posting atthe Park Hyatt Chennai, as well as plied us with some of his liquid inventions, we had a staanise infused vodka, which was just divine, as well as this thai curry margarita.

. Other than that there is ofcourse the daal baati churma. The daal, is prepared using a mix of toor and chana dal amongst others (upto 5 dals) and can vary in spice level depending on region. Into this one must crumble the baati. The baati is a wheat ball which is greased with ghee and oven baked , it has no leavening agent and is hard. The reason being that they travel well and do not spoil easily, they can be carried by travellers crossing the desert sands . some of the baatis are deep fried, and then crushed along with addition of sugar or jaggery, that is the churma. The three when mixed together make for a filling meal, especially because of the generous use of ghee.

The best Non veg starters were these succulent chicken legs , marinated in spices and done to perfection

The paneer khurchan, cottage cheese with a  filling of  crumbled cottage cheese , chillies and cashew nuts. Yum

The real piece de resistance were actually the desserts, malai Ghewar, the wheat and clarified butter cakes dripping with sweet thickened milk is a luxury especially in the season of Shravan. the badam ka sheera was equally indulgent, infact it was so full of Almonds that even a single mouthful was the equivalent of my weeks omega 3 dietary recommendations. sadly though my phone/camera had called it a night, after the delicious pictures it had decided to shut down and enter deep slumber. thus, even though I have no pictures of the Ghewar at Park Hyatt, I leave you with pictures from my trip to Rajasthan. :)

A good food festival should be able to transport you to the land from which the food originates, and that is what I was looking for when I attended the Rajasthani food festival at Park Hyatt Goa. Bringing Rajasthan to Goa, especially during the auspicious month of Shravan is no mean task, for one part the cuisine is steeped in culture, and many of the recipes closely guarded by the palaces of the region, they are a people of pride and honour, and a level of hospitality which is legendary around the world.
“Shreeman Khaana pesh hai..” I remember these lines when dining at the Mughal grounds at the Ramagh palace in Jaipur, exactly 6 years back on the same day I attended the rajasthani food festival in scenic Goa. 

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