Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dussera to Diwali Detox at Sereno spa , Park Hyatt Goa

If you follow me on Instagram @thefoodietrails, you would know that I am doing a Dussera to Diwali detox . why? Because I over ate during Durga Puja , and I plan to do the same on Diwali.

A few more reasons why a dussera to Diwali detox would work for you is
1.       There are a fixed number of days every year between the two. While Rama trudged from Lanka back to Ayodhya in the excat time, you could use the 18-21 days depending on when Diwali is for you, to use that exact same number of days every year to detox.
2.       In India it is the usual time to cleanse: people decide to paint their homes, clean the surroundings, donate old clothes and buy new ones, and it is generally a time to spruce things up. So why not start with the body?

My detox began with drinking lots of water, adding more beggies and fruits to my diet and today on the tenth day of my Detox, while I have been binging on beer battered chicken wings and such (Read previous post HERE) I have also been feeling a lot more active. I have been scared witless to go back to the gym as yet, because the Dussera holidays really set me back, but I hope that by just eating mindfully and bringing lifestyle changes I can glow as bright as the Diwali lights this Diwali. And I hope by following my journey on Insta , you will be tempted to try it too. If this year rolls by, try it next year!

As part of my glow for Diwali , I went for the Raspberry facial at Sereno Soa at the Park Hyatt Goa. You can read about the award winning spa  HERE.

What the raspberries do, is exactly what the fruits and veggies were doing for me on the inside. The antioxidant rich food and green teas which I was eating and drinking, would be used in a more concentrated form on the outside on the skin, to help reduce the signs of ageing and also brighten my skin.

The products used were fabulously luxurious. I felt indulgent, and deeply relaxed, they even include a head massage while the mask dries on the face. No harsh scrubs are used ,and nor is aggressive steaming part of the facaial. It’s all very gentle, as in using a scrubing gel, and a warm towel , and the facial is for mature skin ( yes, I am growing old) with reduced stretching and pulling.

The Park Hyatt Goa is also celebrating Diwali this year with a Diwali Mela on October 14, their very first event of such a kind, also a Diwali Kids camp from Oct 23 to 28.

Share your pre Diwali glow rituals with me in the comments.Or tag me on instagram with #dusseratodiwalidetox till then SHINE ON 

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