Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Goa , Seasons greetings ! Happenings in Goa this October

Seasons greetings!

It is that time of the year, while every one else celebrates four or five seasons of the year; Goa celebrates majorly two seasons , the tourist season and the off season.

While Goa continues to be a favourite holiday destination all year round for Indians and people from the subcontinent, it is especially popular with Europeans and Russians , basically anyone with wintry winter climates, tto search for respite in the sunny state of Goa, from the months of October to April.

Thus, on the 1 of October special planes, called charter planes start flying into Goa, restaurants and shacks bloom and mushroom in various parts of Goa, shuttered villas are cleaned and dusted to welcome guests, and entire stretches of Beach come alive with Karaoke bars, and EDM music parties.

It is all quite sudden, the transformation , and also quite exciting to watch.
Each year the tourism department , as well as stand alone 5 star hotels, and even bespoke fashion houses try to push the envelope in terms of trend setting and entertainment.
Food , fashion, entertainment, and events, it’s all happening and a little overwhelming too.
To kickstart the season this year, every month I will be hosting a BLOG PARTY , and every travel/food/fashion blogger can post the happenings of the month in the linky below.


1.       Links need to be of blog posts only, no advertorials please.
2.       Links pertaining to the happenings, events, food festivals , fashion shows from the Month of October in Goa, only to be posted below.
3.       Every month there will be a different link up party, so don’t worry.
4.       Restaurants, hotels, fashion houses, PR agencies can post their blog posts too.
5.       Use the hashtag #Goaseasonsgreetings while sharing your posts on social media.
6.       Comment on one other post in the linky, lets keep it lively and friendly!
please leave me a comment , so that I know where you have joined in from!

So, what all happened in Goa this October? A lot of restaurants held their Oktober fest, many restaurants had their season opening launch parties, many had a change of menu, Diwali parties, Diwali fashion shows, Halloween themed events. The links will help travellers to Goa , as well as those living in the state get a complete and indepth source of all the happenings in Goa.

Bloggers travelling to Goa or based in Goa, wishing all a happy Goa season! 

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