Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Celebrate life in Goa; why Goa is the best Babymoon option in India

It's November , and Goa is gearing up for a packed wedding season, withh many people around the country choosing Goa as the top wedding destination, but did you know that apart from weddings, and honeymoons, you can come back to celebrate the next phase of your couple-life, with a babymoon in Goa ?
Goa is known as a lifestyle holiday destination by most, but it is also a ‘lifecycle holiday destination’. Allow me to explain what a lifecycle destination is; it is a holiday destination suited for all of life’s milestone moments. Goa is known as one of the most preferred places for destination weddings, and honeymooners have celebrated their love and lifelong bond here for generations now, with many couples reminiscing how they came to Goa even during their courting time, and many returning to Goa for family holidays in years to come, it was but a natural progression that couples would choose Goa as the perfect way to celebrate their little bundle of joy as expectant parents.
Expecting a baby can bring along with it a stork full of doubts and apprehensions , while also being a harbinger of joyous times. It is a time for the couple to celebrate their last few diaper free days, and feeding and soothing free nights, aswell as celebrate the life they are creating. Many couples go on a celebration of their impending parenthood in what is now being termed the “babymoon”. Many call it the “bachelor party “ for expectant parents.
Easy accesability: Goa is easily reached by road or flight from most places in India. Travel for babymoon is best during the second trimester as this is the safest time to travel. Most airlines expect to have note from your treating doctor is you are travelling beyond 32 weeks by flight, and they also sign a disclaimer in case of emergencies. Be sure to get a green light from your doctor before planning your babymoon.
Long stretches of beach to walk: walking is the preferred exercise during pregnancy and the calming sound of the waves and long stretches of beach are ideal for morning and evening walks. Just what the doctor suggested. Be sure to walk on firm beaches of Vagator, or Morjim, rather than more sandy beaches. Avoid rocky beaches, to avoid chances of injury. Always hold hands with your significant other for added stability and stronger bonding.  Pregnancy changes the center of gravity for women, and this can lead to instable gait, especially on loose sand.
Yoga and meditative relaxation: Pregnancy Yoga has been known to help in easy child birth, reducing chances of maternal hypertension and diabetes, as well as increased blood flow to the baby and general well being of the mother. Meditation and breathing exercises also help in maternal well being and easy child birth if practiced regularly. Goa is a hub of Yoga enthusists, many of whom are mothers themselves. While most of the resorts which offer yoga , do not have trained yoga professionals for pregnancy, but if you are like me and practiced from Youtube pregnancy classes, doing the same at any of the zen like locations of the yoga centers at the resorts and hotels is a great way to energise.
Beach wear and flip flops: Pregnancy means a changing body, and with it a change in body image. The numerous colourful kaftans, halter tieups, flowing beach wear are perfect ways to celebrate your new baby bump. The relatively thrifty pieces available at the beach side shacks means you won’t feel the pinch on splurging on a new wardrobe. Pregnancy also means swollen feet, and when your fancy heels start hurting you, you can turn to the trusty flip flop from the roadside shops as well. The colourful clothes, and funky footwear is surely going to cheer up an expectant mother.
Cozy couple time: the same reason that Goa is famous for honeymooners, is also true for babymooners. Plenty of ways to celebrate your togetherness, whether on a private yatch dinner, or a special candle lit dinner on a secluded part of the beach, a treetop dining space, or room service to your room overlooking the sea.
Emergency medical care: What really clinches Goa as the perfect Babymoon destination, over more out of reach places such as Andamans, or lakshwadeep, is its balance between city life and touristy places. With competent medical care, nationally accredited hospitals, 24/7 pharmacies, and a well established emergency ambulance service, the state is equipped with handling emergency medical conditions. Always find out the nearest pharmacy and hospital while travelling to your babymoon destination, and as a precaution keep the contact numbers handy.
Aqua , aqua , everywhere: The human body is 60 % water, and this percentage increases during pregnancy. Drinking water is an essential part of a healthy pregnancy , and tender coconut water which provides not just water but essential minerals for pregnancy is abundantly available in Goa. With most hotels and resorts equipped with their swimming pools, many of them indoor swimming pools, temperature controlled, and not very deep , with skid free flooring are great for aqua aerobics. Aqua aerobics help in lymphatic flow and reduced bloating in pregnancy and reduce swollen feet. The natural buaoyancy of water, also helps pregnant women literally take the load off thus easing back aches and joint pains related to pregnancy.
Spa treatments and massages: Light massage is recommended during pregnancy to calm the mother, help in lymphatic flow, and promote general wellness. Most spas are3 wary of suggesting aromatherapies, foot reflexologies, and other deep tissue massages for pregnant women, to prevent early uterine contractions.
Baby friendly food and beverage: What to eat and drink during pregnancy is in itself a whole article on do’s and don’t’s , but whatever the pregnant mothers cravings or aversions are met with assured hospitality at most of the Hotels in Goa. Do let the food and beverage team at the hotel know your preferences to avoid any last miute disappointments. The availability of large superstores, which store the most exotic and foreign of ingredients catering to a whole gamut of tourists from around the world, also means that if you crave for smoked salmon or ementhal cheese or miso soup, you can buy the same at your friendly neighbourhood superstore.
Maternity photoshoots: Goa provides the perfect backdrop for your maternity photoshoots. Be it a glorious sunset, or the verdant green farms, or an ancient church ruin, or colourful village scenes, or the psychedelic flea markets to showcase the happy expectant parenthood, the photographers in Goa are now adding maternity photoshoots to their repertoire.

Goa gives you ample opportunity to celebrate your expectant parenthood, but then again, the burgeoning life within, is reason enough to celebrate. 
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