Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sula selections 'globe in a glass' event comes to Goa

The Sula selections “globe in a glass” event came to Goa on November 11 , and it left us in high spirits.

First, the fact that it happened in Goa ! This is the second year that Sula is hosting their foreign market imports in an interesting ‘party atmosphere’. The first year saw wine connoisseurs and oenophiles of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore enjoying the Sula hospitality; and I am chuffed that Rajeev Samant, founder and CEO of Sula Vineyards chose to include Goa in this year’s annual event.

Second, there were over 40 liqueurs and wines to choose from! I was most intrigued , at why should Sula host other wine brands and why serve some of the better known alcohol brands , along with our ‘Desi wines’. Mr Rajeev shared a top secret – “people who enjoy good wines, are our market, the restaurateur, the wine cellars in the state of Panjim , are our market. So, someone who has an fancy restaurant in the swish part of town, is going to stock , not just Sula wines, but wines from Chile, and Argentina, and Australia, and guess what? We supply it to them. Foreign imports make up 20% of Sula’s revenue.” He said.  (Now, I don’t know about you, but in my wine addled mind, it made a lot of sense as a life lesson; don’t think of people as competition, we are all in it together! If you are a writer, then other writers are NOT your competitors, because someone who likes to read, will read you as well as someone else , bloggers it applies to you too) . to write this blog, I read 5 other blog posts from last years ‘Globe in a glass’ event, much like tasting the wine all over again. J
a zesty contreau counter which had guests lining up for their cocktails

loved the artistic servings of dips and snacks by the Taj Vivanta Panjim hospitality. 

Third (yes, we are still counting down all that was good about the globe in a glass even), it was open to public. Apparently , last year, it was an invitees only event, but this year, after 7 in the evening, till about 10 , one could partake of the extensive wines and spirits selection for a price of Rs 2000.
I think I will let the pictures to rest of the talking.
The Mud House sauvignon blanc was my pick ogf the evening

detailed discussions on the colour and quality of the wine

guests at the venue

the famed Beluga vodka , the number one vodka in the woorld I am told, and in the background was the russian  Mixologist, who won third place in the world Bartending competition, if you had seen my Insta stories, she prepared some fabulous cocktails for us.

It was a fun meeting with friends and fellow food bloggers

It was only just recently that I learnt the word Oenophile, meaning wine lover, and I am not very sure yet, how it is pronounced, but I know the exact day that I decided to start having wines. Infact it was also the exact same day, I decided to have alcohol of any sort. We were at a medical conference, my mum and I, and mom being faculty was being put up in the suite class room , in a very plush business hotel. As is the custom in these business hotels, any one staying in the suite/super delux rooms , were hosted to an ‘on the house’ wine and cheese event each evening in the Hotel lounge. There we were surrounded by all possible varieties of fine wines, and I finally knew what a vegetarian feels like at a nonvegetarian buffet ‘I can only have the cheese’ . 

But, such is life; one tends to get nostalgic and reminisce about stuff when one has had a drink too many.  J

Thankyou Sula vineyards, for the hospitality

all glasses were more empty than full , by the end of the night and we were all pretty happy about it!

 Another such reminiscing was me at the cheese festival , with a four month old baby attached to me in a baby carrier , read about it HERE.

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