Friday, December 15, 2017

The 11:11 brunch at Kenilworth , Goa

Much has been said about the 11 th hour: Like most of  us leave things to be done , up until the 11th hour, be it office work, school homeworks, or even holiday packing . taking their cue from the bewitching hour, Kenilworth decided to celebrate the 11. 11 food counters, 11 bespoke cocktails and mocktails, 11 children's activities and play , and it all starts at 11:11 in the morning on a Sunday!

So husband, mom, kid in tow, three generations decided to check out the sunday brunch at Kenilworth, and gave it a 10/10.

Bombay street food, to chaat counter, and a Thai cuisine counter, and Italian pasta, a carving kiosk with a dressed snapper and a lamb, cheese platters, live grills, and all of this in a very unhurried atmosphere interspersed with archery , cycling, life size chess board, drawing and craft for kids, and back for more desserts. 

Things I loved about the Brunch 
1. Sprawling spread which ranges from Indian to foreign cuisine. 
2. Plenty of breakfast to lunch options like Dosas, eggs, Pao and bun options which seemlessly move on to snacks and grills and more substantial lunch courses.
3. Option to take breaks during the meal and to partake in the activities.
4. All the activities such as archery, cycling, foozball are inclusive of the brunch .
5. The sprawling grounds have gorgeous landscaping such as sprawling grounds, and coconut groves, a swimming pool and even a fantastic chess board, super place for fancy family pictures ( we got quite a few for our Fb and Insta profiles.
6. Endless dessert options from chocolate fountains to Jalebi Rabri. 
7. Live counters which allow for personalisation such as the cooking of your grilled meats, or preparing the spicyness of your pani puri.

I have previously written on how I brunch with my baby and tips on how to enjoy a Brunch with small children , read about it 

a table creaking with food

a salad bar any health foodie would love

from soft to aged cheeses

pasta anyone.

a baked snapper was the highlight of the meal at kenilworth Goa

roast lamb with char grilled oranges.

a Goan counter  complete with sannas, pao, poi, and chorizo

11 cocktails and mocktails as promised

fresh grills 

paint and draw while grasnny looks on

to play chess with these guys , is like playing with royalty

a childrens play area near the pool

i havent seen water slides like this in a pool before, except at water parks

thanks for stopping by ! hope you enjoyed our foodie trails 

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