Thursday, February 8, 2018

The foodie trails to sunday brunch at Palms , Park Hyatt Goa

I love sunday brunches, for one it means that you don't need to make Lunch on that day, and sometimes one eats so much, that dinner too need not be too elaborate, and that's what I call hitting two meals with one lunch. To read more on how to eat a buffet brunch like a champ , read HERE

But above all , sunday lunches are perhaps the only unrushed meal of the week , for us working moms with young kids who have hurried breakfasts to leave kids to school, lunches on the go, and dinners are a constant struggle trying to get the kids to bed.

The palms at Park Hyatt is one of our very favourite places to lunch, also because it is one of the truly outdoors , beach side dining experiences in Goa, There is literally no hiding from the elements of nature here, with even the entire lunch spread displayed in the open, and the beach a few steps away. it's also because of this reason tat it is open only during the November to March months, and since last year it rained almost all of November, and many sundays of December as well, that we finally managed to lunch at Palms in February. 

Here is a foodilicious look at our lunch spread

Loved the burst of colour at the fruit table, winter truly is the best time for fruitarians in Goa

flambed fruits and a whisky fruit tart begin the boozy brunch

what absolute joy in this picture, might just make it to our next years family calendar

a balanced plate of colourful veggies, fruits and legumes and whole grains. I really did think I woyld be able to stick to my healthy eating at the brunch

make your own cocktails, and I made a cranberry , aplle juice, mint infused white wine based cocktail. I call it the winter brunch 

salad bars too pointed towards a healthy lunch

infused grills were the order of the day.Palms specialises in grilled meats and a real outdoorsy barbeque style sunday meal

the rosemary lamb roast 
drinks on ice , a mocktails and cocktail were part of the all inclusive menu and at 1699 most of the patrons were over the moon to have two drinks included in the brunch. for unlimited spirits the price was Rs 400 more.

But my favourite was thois tropical explosion of fruits, flavours and colour! 

baby foodie kept busy having cloud upon cloud of cotton candy, and pillow upon pillow of marshmallows

ended the meal with a triple whammy of rum chocolate pudding with kirsch cherries, whiskey cheese cake and a Tiramisu .

The foodietrails at Palms Park Hyatt
we hope you enjoyed this foodietrail.
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