Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Eating according to your Zodiac sign, at Vivanta by Taj , Panjim

Zodiac signs and the sunsigns have always fascinated me. More during my college days than now, but I remember us medical college students, followers of science and of a rational mind, acting like every other giddy college girl, as we read deep into the night from our Linda Goodman ‘Love signs ‘ book.

I can see all of you nodding your head in agreement, because whether we believe in it or not, all of us have tried to see if we are indeed star struck lovers, or star crossed lovers.
And so it was fascinating to go for the Zodiac themed lunch at Vivanta by Taj, Panjim. The husband ofcourse is a complete non believer, and yet it was an interesting for him too, which is a big plus.
I am a Virgo, and my husband a Gemini, and if you are into the stars and moons, you will realise that these sunsigns are like chalk and cheese, and we realised just how much at the lunch.
The team at Taj Vivanta , Panjim, has worked exceedingly hard on this menu.
First they did extensive research into not only what each sun sign likes to eat, but also what is good for them to eat.

Then they realised there was a lot of overlap within sunsigns, but they decided to still make clearly defined menus for each of the sun signs.

Then they set out to make three coursed meals for each sunsign, and the courses were seamlessly following not only the sunsigns, but also the cuisines. So if you got a soup of makai aur akhrot ka shorba ( corn and walnut soup), it was followed by either a vegetarian Mewa malai kofta or a non vegetarian Nihari Gosht served with peas pulao and tandoori rotis, and followed by a dessert of Anjeer Badaam ka Halwa. (Menu for cancerians)

Or like the Pisceans , they got a Goan meal of Caldo verde, shrimp curry, goan rice , xacuti and kismoor, followed by a dessert of a Goan dessert sampler platter, and coconut gelato (yumm!)
SO if you decided that you don’t like/or don’t want to eat the meal assigned to your star sign, you can choose from any of the 12 fixed meal combinations! I would have probably opted for the Piscean meal, but we ate according to what our stars dictated, and we were not disappointed.
i swapped my soup for my favourite, Tum Kha

a cold Gazpacho soup and Tapas were part of the Gemini menu

The snapper with Arugula salad was perfect, part of the Virgo Menu, it made me believe in zodiac signs even more

a tiramisu cake and fresh fruits like kiwis and figs, part of the Virgo Menu

a warm bread and butter pudding along with creme anglaise, part of the Gemini menu

a flourlesss chocolate cake with almond meal, part of my son's Leo menu 

Chef Sahil, the man behind the stellar menu. brilliant conceptualisation and execution

All 12 Menus, if you ever olan on visiting

The zodiac festival was on till the 4 th of March, but depending on the interesst shown by patrons, they can be tempted to redo the festival again.
It was one of the more cohesive and complete food festivals, in terms of concept, ex3ecution and presentation, as well as food flavours.


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