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Cafes of Goa : Monsoon Trail

So you plan on visiting Goa in the rains, but still want to visit quirky and cute places, with instagrammable food, which is good for you, also meet other people, collaborate on projects and soak in the artsy vibe of Goa in the monsoons.

This post is just for you!

Three cafés which are open during the monsoon season in Goa, where you can come in to dry yourself off, do a spot of shopping even, eat some gorgeous food, and who knows even make a local connection .

The project Café , Assagao.

Imagine a 130 year old Portuguese Villa housing a lifestyle experience space, with Food, design, retail, and gallery space. The restaurant/café within this art gallery like space, serves up some vibrant and fresh salad, like the fig and blue cheese crumble salad we loved, and also south east Asian cuisine like a thai green curry. But we loved their rendition of Serradura the most, with dessicated coconut crumble, and creamy biscuity bits to add to the wonder.
The Project Cafe , Goa 

What’s exciting? The outdoor café which is inspired by Bismarckia leaves, notice the leaves marked on the concrete tables, and a giant mural on the wall of the tree as well.
watercolour workshop with Allen Shaw, the project cafe Goa

The famed blue cheese and fig salad , worth the hype , the project cafe , Goa

Millennial travel goals: The project café loves to collaborate with skilled travellers, and we have attended a pop up with a travelling chef couple from Lisbon, as well as a watercolour travel journalist from Berlin, and a visit to project café could lead to connecting with interesting people from around the world doing interesting things on the sphere of art, design , food and more. Infact you can reach out to them if YOU want to do a workshop or an exhibition as well.
Dinner Pop up with Travelling chefs Tony Santos and Marta fernandes from Lisbon, The Project Cafe , Goa

Artjuna, Anjuna.
A café restaurant which believes in Organic food, enough to not serve any chicken or meats, because they may not be sourced from organic farms. But trust me, you don’t miss the meats. They do serve fish, and the tuna and avocado salad is amazing. Between instagram worthy smoothies and shakes, and fresh organic sourdough bread and gluten free banana cakes, there is much to choose from.

Artjuna, Anjuna, Cafes of Goa. Of Mezze platters and instagrammable salads

when smoothies and salads are bae, head to Artjuna, Anjuna
treehouse playarea, artjuna
 Whats exciting?  All through monsoon, you have movie nights, and also there is a lovely book library overflowing with books, so that you can cozy up in a chair with a book, and watch as the rain washes of the beautiful green trees in the area. Kids also have a tree climbing play area, and a place to enjoy nature and the monsoons while you can keep a watchful eye from your cozy corner.

Millennial travel goals: A large Yoga and pilates area, a mixed martial arts area, a shop filled with quaint India inspired curios and jewellery, which is all very affordably priced to take back as souvenirs from your travels. Most of the belts and handbags are made in house, and are all unique bespoke pieces.

The book library, artjuna, Anjuna

Shakshuka , at Artjuna, Goa

Natti’s Naturals, Anjuna.

A white Goan Potuguese home, nestled in a wooded garden, is home to one of the more popular natural food movements in North Goa.  A menu teaming with breakfast bowls and healthy superfoods, like Kombucha, acai berry smoothies, granola trail mixes, not to mention lactose free nut milks, and gluten free desserts which will have you weak at the knees, but healthy in heart and gut.

Natti's naturals, Goa

ecofriendly soaps, using natural soap berry, reetha

quinoa salad, acai berry smoothie bowl, kombucha , hummus falafel mezze platter.
all so instagramable and all so deliciously good for you. 
What’s exciting? An Natural food  store, which even has environment friendly detergent soaps for your clothes and home washing purposes. Throwback to Indian ethos of care and nurture, they store and sell, unique health foods like apple cider vinegar from Himachali apples, and organic indian spices an oils and organic milled grains, apart from your nuts , and granola trail mixes.

Millennial travel Goals : At the time we went, young Caroline from Canada was painting a magical garden of cornflowers and dragonflies on the dried leaf walls of Natti’s Natural. A chance to work and share your skill, while you travel and experience a country , is an exciting prospect to the millennial traveller. And we loved connecting and interacting with this effervescent soul who was visiting India to learn Yoga.

Millenial traveller , Caroline, with her artowork in the background, Natti's Naturals

Gluten free chocolate cake and Banana cake with organic honey, Natti's Naturals

Monsoons are the perfect time to travel to Goa if you are looking for the offbeat, the economical, the slow paced travel. If you are looking for an immersive travel and food experience , then I hope this post helps you get the most from your #monsoonsingoa experience, also if you are a local Goan, then this would be the best time for you to get to know the hippy chic travel lifestyle of the world travellers and what makes Goa such a hotspot for millennial travellers.

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