Sunday, April 14, 2019

Summer Holiday in Kenilworth Goa

Summer vacations in Goa is a fantastic way to spend some quality time together as a family. as a mom and travel blogger, I get a lot of requests for suggestions for places to stay in Goa.
The reason why I recommend Kenilworth resort and spa in South Goa are plenty .

first off, it is a beach side property. in the summer heat, you dont want to be travelling long distances to get to the beach, and also even a half an hour at the beach in mid morning is enough , having a beach side property allows you to go to the beach multiple times in the day. a morning walk, and then mid morning water frolic, a sunset picnic.

The beach near Kenilworth is a 'live beach'where you can sea real sea creatures. because of the uneven sand at the beach, pockets of sea water form litlle beach ponds, and we were able to see small live fishes, moving starfishes and crabs and even wriggling sea shells . all of which was very fascinating for my son.

The next must have at a summer vacation destination is a swimming pool. the swimming pool at Kenilworth is the second largest in the state, it has a water slide as well! and plunge pool bar where we enjoyed colourful drinks.
we loved that the pool is near the kids outdoor play park. and between swims, he could get up and go and plaay in the sand pit, or play on the swings and slides. Even though the property is very extensive , the fact that all the leisure activities are well clubbed together was a boon for a parent.

Another thing that I look for in a summer vacation destination is indoor play area. Goan summers can be extremely trying, and i loved the kids play room at Kenilworth. with so many books, toys and activities to choose from my son had a great time there. they have a baby sitter there as well, so if you wish you can leave your child there as well. i was pretty engrossed in putting together a puzzle at the kids area myself, and loved just hanging out and being a child with my son.

Dining Options are an important criteria while choosing a summer vacation in Goa. while we love to explore the state of Goa, during summers I realise that the heat can be too much, and more often you might find yourself dining at the inhouse restaurants in the resort itself.
Kenilworth has a number of dining options. The 24 hour coffee shop, they even have a poolside dining making it convenient to sip and dip, also they have an award winning italian restaurant called Salute, named after the Italian word for cheers.
This place does fabulous Pizzas, and every kid loves that, we had the 4 flavoured pizza , which made it really convenient to try various flavours, also it suits kids as well, since they may want multiple different toppings. we started of with a basket of bread , and grilled fish for my son, and we indulged in wines and proscitto . I know the picture quality on the meals is not great, but that's a fault of the lighting and you just have to take my word for it when i say, it is one of the more authentic Italian dining experiences in Goa, and the meats and produce is really top quality here.
Chef Davide was cheerful and hospitable, and delightful with my son. they got along like a house on fire, and chef Davide shared his vision of making Salute an easy dining experience loved by people of all ages, especially kids.

Chef Davide of Salute, Italian dining restaurant at Kenilworth resort and spa , Goa

One of the highlights of summer vacations is getting up late in mornings, and while they have a breakfast served till late at the dining room, i loved getting the kids specials right to our rooms. This picture of breakfast in bed with dad and son sleeping, is one of my favourites. its in contrast to all the other lifestyle bloggers who post #breakfastinbed, and how it changes once you have kids.
Kenilworth has a new wing of rooms, and these rooms have especially great views from the rooms. the balconies are well appinted with a view of the sea, and honestly , you could spend all morning just having breakfast in your room.

Not only did we have breakfast in bed, but we also stayed in the air conditioned luxury of our rooms, binge watched TV and ordered room service for lunch. The fish and chips was extremely well done, and we had goan fish curry rice, papad and salad to make it a fun family meal for three while we watched movies on TV.
Spending a lazy afternoon indoors, is what my idea of a great sunday summer vacation is. vacations can be tiring for parents, with kids on high energy and i always feel I need a vactaion , after my son's vacations are over.
I appreciate that at Kenilworth, there are multiple entertainment options for kids, an outdoor chess area, cycling , archery , swimming, they even have a dance floor... and not needing to step out of the comfort of the resort is a huge plus while choosing a place to stay.

room service that is prompt, delicious and served in style  at Kenilworth resort and spa

windows that overlook the sea and gardens
attention to detail. check out the crab towel art.

another fun summer time indoor activity is making bubble baths, no not for romantic or even leisurely soaks. bubble baths are super fun for kids, and you can make bubble snowmen, or even bubble castles or just have a splashing good time in the room itself . and the best part, mommy doesnt need to clean up afterwards (thankyou housekeeping) 

our stay was made extra special and comfortable by Suman from the front desk office.

breakfasts are equal parts healthy and sinful. breakfast donuts , smoothie bowls , fruits and fruit juices.

want to pack up a beach side picnic to watch the sunset ? kenilworth does it in style

summer vacations are not just a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your child, but also with your spouse. with a luxurious inhouse Spa option, at Kenilworth, you can opt for foot massages by the pool, and keep one eye on your children as they enjoy the play ground and swimming pool. both of which we were able to watch over , even as we enjoyed some we time.

Thankyou for joining us on a virtual tour of our holiday. top reasons to recommend Kenilworth for a summer vacation in Goa ; proximity to beach, indoor play area, large swimming pool with water slide, outdoor play ground, outdoor activities like cycling and archery and cricket on the sprawling gardens, wonderful hospitality, lots of eating options. you literally dont need to step out to experience all the things of a perfect beach holiday.


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