Wednesday, April 29, 2015

where to eat in Goa: Goa on my plate

Goa is such a fascinating destination in terms of food. Road side food stalls selling ros omelette and chicken cutlets, sea side shacks which open only during tourist season and though may sell the same fare are still an intrinsic goan experience, then come the stand alone restaurants serving everything from local to global cuisine, and the eateries within the plush holiday resorts which serve and cater to the globe trotting upwardly mobile.
I know I may not have done an extensive food trail of goa per se , but that’s what happens when one actually lives in a holiday destination, it doesn’t seem like a holiday anymore.
Here is an exhaustive list of restaurants I have reviewed over the past year in Goa. Since the column is not exactly search engine optimised , I have neatly tabulated for you the restaurants which take you to the review.
If you do try these restaurants I would be happy to hear your own views and recommendations and experiences.
Eat well and live long!!!

Goan food
Mums kitchen
Woods inn  woods inn, porvorim
Kismur   Kismur, taleigaon
Suwadik suwadik
fishermans wharf 

Go with the flow go with the flow , baga
Black sheep bistro
kudos kudos

Thai and wok
Mainland china

Barbeque nation barbeque nation, panjim

Burger factory burger factory , anjuna
Route 66

CafĂ© Tehran cafe tehran , candolim
Rock fish rock fish , baga
tib chi tib chi

Even as I have been busy with my column, my blog readers have been super sweet and patient, while I blog occasionally now. as a special treat here is a fairly large number of eateries in Goa. also follow me on instagram @kuhelib to catch up on all the behind the scene pictures during the food reviews as well.
would love to interract on my facebook group goa on my plate, for everything Goan and edible.

have a special surprise blog coming up next week , so stay tuned. :)

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