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Cashew trail 2017 at Park Hyatt

while most of the world is aware of the versatality of the cashew nut, and you can read more about it HERE in my blog about cashew trail 2015, very few know about the versatility of the cashew fruit, which serves as a fruit, can be converted into a fresh liquor known as Urrack, and later distilled and formed into Feni, the alcoholic drink which has a Geographic Index to Goa.

While the political parties of the state believe the coconut to be the symbol of Goenkarponn , but Coconuts are available every where from Miami to Mumbai, and every coastal region in between, the cashew on the other hand is not celebrated as much. 
But the Park Hyatt resort and spa, in Cavellosim has been diligently doing its best for the cause of cashews and it's fruit, nut, and liquor for the past 6 years. As a celebration of 15 years of the Resort in Goa, and part of their giving back to the land  and it's people, they had a week long celebration which began with a vintage car rally which began at the cashew farm, and ended at the resorts beach side eatery palms. and the celbrations culminated in an extravagant cashew trail brunch at the magical forrests at the sprawling property itself. 

So much happened through the week, that it best be captured as a photo album to give you a glimpse into the Goan way of life. 

Easter themed brunch with colourful boiled eggs and seafood fillings with seafood tartare , and tuna mousse, and calamari pizza.

rocky road brownies, carrot cake , simnel easter special cake, dor dessert

a vintage car rally with cars as old as 1939 ! feel like royalty to be amongst such precious possessions

Hot crossed buns, traditionally given to each family on good friday, as a symbol of the body of christ, and the spices in the spiced bun representing the spices used to embalm the body of Chrst.

After the grand begiining of the Cashew trail pon 16 April, the whole week saw many events, including an art exhibition on monday, a culinary contest on tuesday, a mother and child session on wednesday with aqua Yoga, a farm visit to the villagers who depend on cashew plantation for their livelihood on thursday, but it was only on friday evening that I could make it back for the celebration.
Friday night Osette Mascarenhas along with the members of Goan culinary club Fatima Da silvaGracias, Orty Soares Maria Fernanda CostaSouza got together to curate a meal which brought to the fore front portuguese inspired Goan dishes from the hidden kitchens of Goa.

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Too many cooks needed to prep the broth, and it wasn't spoiled at all!

The broth in question had chunks of Spicy portuese chorizo sausages, quite different from the garland Goan chorizo sausages. salty, meaty, and bagful of flavour they provided the surprise element

cups brimming with potato based broth

A palate cleanser made of lime and feni in a sorbet, was a delicious interval between courses

The showstopper mutton which was cooked on the bone, but so tender that it was falling of the bone. Traditionally the perna de cordeiro has the mutton taken off the bone especially in the affluent families.

Pasteis de nata, an egg tart made exclusively from the egg yolks, traditionally by the nuns who used the egg whites to starch their uniforms, and using the leftover egg yolks in creative desserts,

Saturday saw the introduction of an avid room of people to Feni. Feni a drink so uniquely Goan, that it even has a geographical index a GI status . It was my first tryst with Feni, and we began with the Urak the first distil or the first form of fermented cashew fruits. this one was distinctly fruity, and the cocktail with kokum juice was surprisingly good. then came the feni , they called it big boss, and honestly when the sommelier Jeffery Manuel went around asking people what it smelled of, I would have answered nail polish remover. we then moved on to an aged version of feni called Lembranca or memories in Portuguese, and in my head (and now on a blog) I wonder how fermented nail polish varnish would smell. surprisingly mellow and woody to my surprise, with an afternote of cashew apples. 
They even have a new feni launched by non other than ex Defence Minister Mr Manohar Parrikar of the surgical strike fame, and it's called bullet proof. 
It reminded me of the song from the Netflix Marvel series "Luke Cage" the catchy bullet proof love. if you haven't watched the song, do so, it's all I can hum these days.

Kokum urak cocktail

Feni goes fancy 

we need a new Deepika padukone movie called finding Feni

23 April saw the culmination of the week long festivities. The previous general manager of the resort Mr Thomas Abraham whose brainchild the festival had been 6 years back , was present to see the vigour and verve of his labour of love.The owner of the resort was there to grace the 15 years of Park Hyatt celebrations

summer coolers for a balmy sunday afternoon

cashew apple table centre pieces, a beautiful way to showcase the fruit.

Goa tourism had brought their spanking new Hop on Hop off buses, and I am looking forward to the joy ride whenever they begin.

a sprawling spread celebrating Goan and international cuisine. My favourite was the Burmese Khau sue counter and the Asian bao counter. 

There were two award winning dishes by Home chefs, and these were Nikita Prasad with the Kaju Chicken , and Vaishali Joshi's Kasuri Methi kaju kukkad makhan Marke. the first dish remined me of the northern frontier and butter chicken, and the other went even further north with an Afghani chicken called chicken Rashida I had once had. Showcasing how versatile the cashew nut can be in savoury dishes.
steamed Baos, aparently the portuguese brought the Bao to India, and instead of steaming they introduced baking these baos, and thus the name 'PAO'. use of very interesting fillings as well

The dessert counter is always special at the cashew trail, with showcasing of cashew fruit as well as nut, they had stewed cashew apples in cinnamon and spices, cashew fruit baked in a crumble, baked into mince pies, cashew nut fudge tarts, chocolate and cashew bread pudding, linzer cake with cashew jam and so much more.

The newly launched Bullet proof feni.

Madame Rosa feni distillery has been part of the cashew trail from its inception , and while I myself am not a huge feni fan, one cannot deny its importance in the heritage and culture of the land, and I am glad that such a festival highlights the unique drink from Goa.

The gorgeous photobooth decor, with a vintage theme complete with brass candle sticks, and wooden antique looking furniture.

I hope I was able to give you a glimpse of the week long extravaganza that is The cashew trail. Foodie trails , is all about travelling a place through food, and the cashew trail is a unique way to experience Goa. when you travel to darjeeling you think tea plantations, when you think of Coorg one thinks of coffee plantations, with Goa almost everyone goes back home with packets of Cashew. the cashew trail is organised around the unique time of Cashew harvesting, allowing you to make the most of your stay in Goa, and a more immersive cashew experience.

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